Java Programming

DMC has a team of developers experienced in Java, a widely-used, well-supported programming language often used in larger enterprise applications. Its flexibility and multi-platform compatibility make it a great choice because it allows our team to write one single application and quickly deploy it to multiple platforms including Windows, Mac, and Linux.

DMC's Java Programming Services

DMC uses an extensive reusable library of Java code on our projects, which passes on huge benefits to our customers by reducing development time and cost. It also means an even more stable solution, as the code has been thoroughly tested and improved over the years, resulting in fewer possible bugs and complications during final deployment. We make use of modern software development best practices, including architectures like MVC and MVVM, design patterns, and separation of concerns.

Platform Expertise

DMC has experience working with many different technologies and platforms, including:

  • Oracle and OpenJDK Java
  • Java FX
  • Swing
  • Eclipse
  • IntelliJ IDEA
  • Maven
  • Gradle
  • ANT
  • Oracle Database

We can interface Java with any hardware, including USB devices. We also write Java modules for interfacing with the Ignition platform for industrial HMI and SCADA solutions.

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