Embedded Design and Engineering Services for Battery-Powered Devices


Embedded Design and Engineering Services for Battery-Powered Devices

Effective design in consumer battery-powered products extends battery life without compromising on performance and functionality. This increases the amount of time the user can run the device without needing to stop and recharge, making electronics with low-power embedded systems more reliable, convenient, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly.

Efficient Power Consumption in Embedded Devices

With extensive experience designing and implementing low-power embedded systems in battery-operated electronics, DMC’s experts understand how to optimize the settings and configurations of the platforms we work on, including sleep and low power consumption modes. Our engineers select an optimal combination of firmware and hardware and write efficient embedded algorithms that work well within this framework.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Power optimization
  • Sleep mode and power down for microcontrollers
  • Rechargeable and primary battery design
  • Efficient communication using Wi-Fi schemes Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth Smart and BLE)

Our engineers can develop and design low power battery electronics from the ground up, or help optimize your current system to extend battery life and improve efficiency.


DMC offers a full range of embedded design services from our offices in Chicago, Illinois; Boston, Massachusetts; Denver, Colorado; Houston, Texas; and New York, New York to customers worldwide.