Texas Instruments Design


Texas Instruments Design

Texas Instruments has a been a leader in the semiconductor industry for over 60 years. The platforms they produce are very competitive from a speed, capability, and power consumption point of view. Their microcontroller options include the low power MSP430, the 32 bit C28x line, and the more powerful ARM Cortex line.

Our services and expertise with Texas Instrument microcontrollers include:

  • TI MSP 430 and Launchpad
  • Code Composer Studio
  • Assembly language, C, C++
  • USB client and host
  • Low powered applications
  • High-speed applications
  • Peripheral integration
  • SPI, I2C, UART/RS232, 1 Wire
  • Timer integration and real-time clock


DMC offers Texas Instruments design services from our offices in Chicago, Illinois; Boston, Massachusetts; Denver, Colorado; Houston, Texas; and New York, New York to customers worldwide.