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DMC: Your Amazon Sidewalk Implementation Team

Considering Amazon Sidewalk for your product? DMC can help you unravel the complexities of Sidewalk technology. Our experienced team, backed by deep knowledge in IoT device design, security, and implementation, turns intricacy into clear, manageable solutions. Whether it's low-power sensor nodes or advanced mobile apps and secure cloud backends, our focus is on tailored solutions that align with your specific requirements.

Amazon Sidewalk: The Future of IoT Connectivity

Sidewalk is a potential game-changer in the realm of IoT. It offers a range farther than Wi-Fi and is much less expensive than using a typical cellular network. It uses Sidewalk Gateways (sometimes referred to as Sidewalk Bridges), which are Amazon devices that share a small portion of their internet bandwidth to create a community network. Sidewalk-enabled devices can send encrypted data over this network to a Sidewalk Gateway up to a half mile away. This opens the door to the creation of new types of devices for homes, businesses, and cities, which will help people intelligently track shipments, find lost pets, remotely detect smoke from wildfires, and so much more.

DMC's Expertise in Amazon Sidewalk

Our expertise spans everything from designing low power sensor nodes to creating rich mobile apps and cloud backends. We understand the complexities of security, device provisioning, over the air firmware updates, ultra-low power designs, energy harvesting, and sophisticated sensing techniques used in IoT devices.

Relevant Sidewalk Technologies:

Embedded Electronics – Silicon Labs, Nordic, Texas Instruments, and Quectel have developed RF transceivers or modules that are compatible with the Sidewalk network. DMC has experience working with these companies and their technology stacks.

Ultra-Low Power – Our expertise in ultra-low power designs and energy harvesting can help achieve a battery life of 10+ years for your devices. This is particularly beneficial for IoT devices that need to operate for extended periods without frequent battery replacements.

BLE – Our team is proficient in BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), a power-efficient Bluetooth technology used for short-range communication between devices. We use this technology to create devices that can communicate with Amazon Sidewalk, providing a seamless and energy-efficient connection. BLE is used when the end device is in close proximity to a Sidewalk Gateway.

FSK – We also have deep knowledge of FSK (Frequency Shift Keying), a frequency modulation scheme used for digital communication. FSK extends the range over BLE while allowing relatively high data throughput. This knowledge allows us to design devices that can communicate effectively and reliably over the Amazon Sidewalk network, even in challenging environments.

CSS – Our expertise extends to CSS (Chirp Spread Spectrum), a spread spectrum technique that uses wideband linear frequency modulated chirp pulses to encode information. This technology is key to the long-range capabilities of Amazon Sidewalk, and our team is adept at leveraging it to create devices that can communicate over long distances. CSS achieves the longest range at the cost of significantly reduced packet sizes.

Digital Certificates We can help with the complexities of certificate management, ensuring the secure and efficient use of digital certificates in a networked environment. This is crucial for maintaining the security of the Amazon Sidewalk network and the devices connected to it.

OTA Security – At DMC, we understand the importance of secure OTA (Over-The-Air) firmware updates. We ensure the use of signed firmware images, which provide a layer of authenticity and integrity to the software running on our devices. We also implement secure vault techniques to protect sensitive information on your devices.

Mobile App and Cloud Backend Development – We can help you develop intuitive, feature-rich mobile applications and robust cloud backends that are tailored to your Amazon Sidewalk projects. Our cross-platform mobile applications ensure seamless interaction with your IoT devices, regardless of the platform used. These applications are designed to provide real-time data, control over device functionalities, and instant alerts, enhancing the overall user experience. Our cloud backend solutions using AWS and Azure are designed to handle the data traffic from your IoT devices efficiently and securely. We implement advanced data processing and analytics capabilities to turn the raw data from your devices into actionable insights. Our cloud solutions also ensure secure storage and retrieval of device data, firmware updates, and user information.

Design For Manufacture

Miniaturization – In the world of IoT, smaller is often better. At DMC Consulting, we specialize in miniaturizing Amazon Sidewalk devices without compromising their functionality or performance. Our team of engineers and designers work collaboratively to create compact, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing devices that fit seamlessly into any environment.

Compliance – Navigating the complexities of FCC regulations can be challenging. Our team is well-versed in these regulations and designs IoT devices that are FCC compliant. From antenna design to emission controls, we help ensure your device meets all necessary standards, avoiding costly compliance issues down the line.

End of Line Testing – Quality assurance is a key aspect of our design process. We can help design comprehensive end-of-line testing fixtures and software to ensure every device shipped operates as intended and meets your quality standards.

Let's Get Started

With Amazon Sidewalk, the possibilities are truly limitless. Imagine creating a network of environmental sensors to monitor air quality in real-time, or developing a system of smart locks that can be controlled from anywhere, ensuring security and convenience. Consider the potential of deploying wildlife tracking devices for ecological research or establishing a network of soil moisture sensors for precision agriculture. With DMC and Amazon Sidewalk, these and many more innovative solutions are within your reach.

At DMC, we are ready to help you harness the power of Amazon Sidewalk for your IoT needs. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you.

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