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Fast-Track Your Product Launch: Arduino Pro Solutions Accelerated by DMC

Arduino Pro is redefining the boundaries of embedded systems and IoT. With a diverse product range including Portenta, Nicla, Opta, and the MKR and Nano families, Arduino Pro is the beacon for modern industrial control, AI edge processing, and robotics.

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The Arduino Pro Landscape

Portenta: A powerhouse in the Arduino Pro lineup, Portenta is designed for demanding industrial applications, offering high computational power. The Portenta model is where high performance meets reliability, making it ideal for intensive tasks and multitasking environments.

Nicla: Nicla stands out with its low-power AI capabilities. Compact yet mighty, Nicla is perfect for edge computing. Its versatility makes it a favorite for wearables, drones, and other compact solutions.

Opta: Revolutionizing industrial and building automation, Opta is a microPLC solution developed in collaboration with Finder. It's the answer to easy and flexible industrial automation, ensuring operations are streamlined and efficient.

MKR & Nano Families: The MKR and Nano families provide diverse connectivity options and compact solutions. Whether it's the MKR's range of wireless communication protocols or the Nano's embedded machine learning capabilities, they can create solutions tailored for a myriad of applications.

Software Excellence with Arduino Pro

IDE 2 & CLI: Our expertise spans the intuitive IDE 2, favored for its user-friendly interface, to the CLI Application. DMC can help ensure your projects are built on a robust software foundation, maximizing efficiency and productivity.

IoT Cloud & Connectivity: Challenges and Opportunities

Arduino's SIM plans offer a pathway to global cellular connectivity, a promising avenue for IoT solutions. Alongside the IoT Cloud, it provides a framework for monitoring and controlling devices, ensuring consistent communication and reliable performance.

Why Collaborate with DMC?

At DMC, we recognize the potential of Arduino Pro's expansive ecosystem. With a deep understanding of the technical landscape and a forward-thinking approach, we can help you harness the capabilities of Portenta, Nicla, Opta, and other Arduino Pro modules. Engineers, entrepreneurs, and industry pioneers can look to us for innovative solutions that align with the evolving dynamics of Arduino Pro.

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