Embedded Motor Control

PCB programmed by DMCDMC can help design your next motor control product. Our experience with all major motor types will help minimize development time and maximize efficiency. Motor control designs require extensive experience with control software, power electronics, thermal design and EMC/EMI for each type of motor.

DMC can provide the PCB design and software development for your motor control project. Our experts can help with selection of power electronics components to control the current and measure voltage feedback including Mosfets, IGBTs, and inductors.

DMC's Area of Expertise

  • Sensorless and Sensored Field Oriented Control (FOC) with Space Vector Modulation (SVM) to maximize system efficiency and ensure smooth operation.
    • Including sensorless zero and low speed rotor position detection
    • Traditional Sensor based FOC system utilizing incremental encoders, halls and/or resolvers for rotor position sensing
    • Advanced algorithms to decrease response times, increase DC Bus utilization and increase motor efficiency.
    • Current sensing techniques ranging from simple shunts to advanced in-phase sensors.
  • Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (PMSM) controlled by FOC and SVM
  • Brushless DC Motors (BLDC) to balance system complexity with motor efficiency controlled by Trapizoidal/Six-step control
    • We implement sensored and sensorless BLDC/trapezoidal control systems
  • Stepper motor controllers to guarantee accurate and reliable position control
    • Utilizing full or micro step techniques to optimize system performance and cost.
  • Brushed DC motors to minimize system cost
  • Induction motors controlled with vector control or linear/non-linear Volts/Hz control schemes.

DMC’s expert circuit and power electronics design team can handle the challenging product integrations such as:

  • High power circuits mixed with precision analog and high-speed digital circuits.
  • Thermal design to prevent overheating and ensure long term reliability.
  • Integration with advanced communication and control systems, such as Ethernet, EtherCAT, and CAN-FD.
  • Ensuring electromagnetic compatibility and minimizing electromagnetic interference.

DMC has experience working with a wide variety of microcontroller vendors including:

  • Texas Instruments: MotorWare, FAST sensorless control, MotorControl SDK
  • STMicro: ST Motor Control Workbench
  • Infineon: XMC based motor control solutions

Benefits of Working with DMC

DMC’s Firmware Programming team will integrate the required motor control system with the rest of your system, whether that be a simple trigger-controlled drill, automotive CAN bus interfaces or industrial communication protocols, such as EtherCAT.

Our engineers have experience designing a variety of motor control applications, ranging in power levels from single watts to many kilowatts. We have also overcome unique thermal challenges to prevent overheating.

DMC delivers a variety of solutions in a wide range of industries. Learn more about all of DMC’s Embedded Development and Embedded Programming expertise.

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