Embedded Safety Controllers

Safety concerns are critical for many embedded systems and there are several products on the market that do not meet universal safety standards.

DMC's expert team of embedded engineers can determine if your product needs to meet safety standards, as well as design the hardware and software for your embedded safety device.

Services DMC Provides

DMC’s embedded team provides many different services including:

  • System safety assessment
  • Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)
  • Review safety aspects of the Embedded product
  • System Architecture Refinement and Software-Hardware Partitioning
  • Safety circuit design
  • Safety software/firmware development
  • Software Development Process Review and Improvements
  • Coding Standard Compliance for safety applications
  • Electrical design analysis

Standards We Work With

IEC 60730 Class B and Class C
The IEC 60730 is a safety standard that ensures the safe operation of household electronics, including embedded control hardware and software. This standard defines the different test and diagnostic methods needed for ensuring safety of the devices.

IEC 61508
The IEC 61508 is a software standard for safety-related systems. Our team has experience following the standard when designing safety software/firmware.

Benefits of Working with DMC

DMC has experience with designing various products in accordance with a variety of safety standards.

Application Expertise
Our expert engineers can design both the hardware and software portions of your embedded safety system. Additionally, we may assist you in converting existing hardwired safety logic into software. We have experience designing safety systems to mitigate high-severity failure modes, including controllers for fuel burning applications and intrinsically safe systems.

Hardware Expertise
We have experience designing safety controllers using multiple hardware platforms including:

  • STM32 Series Microcontrollers for safety-rated applications
  • Redundant Hardware Designs

Software Expertise
DMC has experience designing safety software using advanced platforms such as:

  • IEC 60730 Class B Software library for STM32 MCUs

DMC delivers a variety of Embedded Safety solutions in a wide range of industries. Learn more about all of DMC’s Embedded Development and Embedded Programming expertise.

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