Firmware Programming

DMC has extensive experience designing and programming custom embedded systems.  DMC's team is large enough to support complex projects while staying flexible and applying industry best practices to the development process. We can design solutions that require precise integration between electronics and software.

Firmware Expertise

DMC has expertise in all areas of firmware development including:

  • Bootloaders
  • RTOS integration
  • Low-level driver development (SPI, ADC, UART, I2C, PWM)
  • Complex communication protocols (USB, TCP/IP, Modbus, RS485, CAN)
  • Data storage (SDCard, NandFlash, NorFlash, EEPROM)
  • Security and encryption (TLS, Certificates, Firmware Signing, Secure Data Storage)
  • Performance optimization (e.g., DMA integration)

Reduce Development Time

 DMC utilizes several powerful third-party libraries which reduces development cost and time to market:


Development Best Practices

DMC's development process employs best practices to ensure code quality and robustness, including: 

  • Detailed test plans
  • Continuous integration / unit testing
  • Static analysis
  • Defensive programming
  • Structured code reviews
  • GitLab as our version control system

DMC develops C/C++ applications using a variety of IDEs and toolchains including GCC, IAR, Keil, Microchip, and more.

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