WinCC 7 SCADA Programming

WinCC 7 is a powerful Siemens SCADA system used to control and monitor industrial applications. With flexible configuration options, its use can range from a single computer, standalone station to a multi-user distributed system with redundant server options. Among others, the software supports S7 communication, EtherNet/IP, and OPC to allow for integration with a variety of automation equipment.

DMC has the largest number of Siemens S7 certified engineers in the US. Our engineers are skilled WinCC 7 SCADA programmers and have provided solutions to clients in a variety of industries including Oil & Gas & Energy and Utilities.

Ignition Premier Integrator Our WinCC 7 SCADA solutions are ideal for those looking to implement:

  • Historical data logging (including the Process Historian add-on)
  • Automated reporting (including the Information Server add-on)
  • Remote monitoring and control (including the WebNavigator and WebUX add-ons)
  • Data analysis
  • Direct monitoring
  • Direct control
  • User friendly interfaces

DMC offers a range of SCADA programming services for a variety of industries. Learn more about DMC’s Manufacturing Automation and intelligence expertise. 

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