WinCC Open Architecture Development


Screenshot of WinCC OASIMATIC WinCC OA (Open Architecture) is a powerful, flexible and diverse SCADA operating system used to control and monitor industrial applications. The object oriented platform is able to handle network complexity with ease, allowing for anywhere from 2 to 2,048 distributed control systems to be connected on a single network. Highly customizable, each individual system can be calibrated as a redundant or non-redundant, single or multi-user system. The software supports S7 communication, EtherNet/IP, OPC, and allows for customized distributions and branding, making it a great platform for software OEMs in addition to end users.

SIMATIC WinCC OA Premium Solution Partner LogoDMC is a WinCC OA Solutions Partner

As a SIMATIC WinCC OA Solutions Partner with a team of trained WinCC OA Engineers, DMC provides a host of OA services:

  • IT infrastructure setup for open architecture installations
  • Distributed systems
  • Redundant systems
  • Standalone machine systems with high-speed communication requirements
  • Interfacing HMI with any PLC
  • PLC programming

WinCC OA is the ideal platform for solutions in the following industries:

Screenshot of SIMATIC WinCC OA ScriptingDMC can provide cross platform integration of hardware and software from a variety of vendors into a WinCC OA solution. We have an ever-growing library of reusable objects.

We have the ability to work in all the WinCC OA optional extensions, including:

  • WinCC OA Operator
  • Options for Web Functions
  • WinCC OA Videos
  • WinCC OA BacNET
  • WinCC OA Scheduler
  • WinCC OA Recipes
  • WinCC OA GIS Reviewer
  • WinCC OA Report
  • WinCC OA CommCenter
  • Advanced Maintenance Suite

DMC has implemented hundreds of WinCC solutions for clients in a wide range of industries, including food and beverageoil and gaspackaging, and automotive.

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