Industrial Networking and Cybersecurity

Industrial controls were once disconnected islands of operation with limited interaction with the outside world. Potential security threats were limited to those with physical access to machines. This could often be solved with a simple password on the engineering parameters screen.

Graphic of Cybersecurity Life CycleIndustry 4.0 and its related concepts have given a framework that shows organizations the many benefits of connected operational technology (OT). This results in more intelligent and interconnected systems. The benefits of these interconnected systems come with exposure to threats that would have been impossible prior to this connectivity.

OT systems interact with the physical world in ways that are not seen in IT systems meaning that most systems have safety considerations. This leaves open the possibility that a malicious actor could cause enough damage to a machine to disrupt operations or even injure personnel. Additionally, these systems can also be intolerant to the traditional scanning methods used in IT cybersecurity assessments. Using these tools could cause a disruption to a machine network resulting in an unanticipated machine fault which could be just as severe as malicious activity. 

DMC has been delivering solutions in the OT space since 1996 and has experienced the evolution of control systems technologies firsthand. DMC's approach to cybersecurity harmonizes established IT cybersecurity practices with the unique needs and constraints of OT systems. Whether you are looking to bolster your existing cybersecurity solutions or implement a cybersecurity program for the first time, DMC can help.

Learn how to prepare for a cybersecurity assessment of your industrial control system.

DMC 's Approach to Industrial Networking and Cybersecurity

Just as complex systems and products can be developed more effectively through engineering or software development lifecycles, cybersecurity can be better managed through a cybersecurity lifecycle such as those provided in the NIST Framework for Cybersecurity or the ISA/IEC 62443 standard. Find out below how DMC can assist your organization in implementing a cybersecurity program throughout the cybersecurity lifecycle.

Assessment Logo of Cybersecurity Life Cycle GraphicAssessment

Just like a safety analysis, cybersecurity can be managed as a risk, and the first step in managing any risk is identifying and understanding it. DMC can provide a Cybersecurity Assessment of your system to identify key vulnerabilities, the threat landscape, and potential consequences of a cybersecurity incident. With an understanding of the cybersecurity risks your system faces you can begin to take steps to secure it.

Design Logo of Cybersecurity Life Cycle GraphicDesign

Based on the risk profile identified in an assessment, DMC can help plan controls and strategies that will help mitigate your system's risks. Strategies may include software controls, hardware devices, networking changes, and update

Implementation Logo of Cybersecurity Life Cycle GraphicImplementation

Once a plan has been identified and agreed upon, DMC can then work with your team to implement it. After implementation, the system will be validated to ensure the desired level of risk reduction has been reached.

Maintenance Logo of Cybersecurity Life Cycle GraphicMaintenance & Response

Even after cybersecurity measures have been implemented on a system, maintenance and monitoring of the system is crucial in mitigating the chance or potential impact of a cyber incident. DMC can help deploy monitoring systems, incident response strategies, and even cybersecurity training for your organization.

ISA Certification

DMC has engineers on staff who are certified ISA Cybersecurity Experts. Certified in ISA/IEC 62443, the world’s only consensus-based series of automation cybersecurity standards, they have demonstrated expertise in the complete lifecycle of industrial automation and control system (IACS) assessment, design, implementation, operations, and maintenance. 

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