Industrial Networking and Cybersecurity

Secure communication in an industrial setting is vitally important to remain productive and cost efficient. Industrial networking is typically built and managed by Operational Technology (OT) teams, which function separately from the rest of the organization’s IT infrastructure. For organizations lacking oversight of industrial networking infrastructure, DMC can fill that need.

DMC’s team will assess your industrial network and make recommendations to protect your data and ensure the effectiveness of your industrial network security.

DMC’s Industrial Networking and Cybersecurity services include:

  • Perform network security assessments and audits
  • Install and configure networks and networking devices
  • Establish remote connectivity through configuration of VPNs and firewalls
  • Perform IoT security assessments
  • Design network architecture
  • Remediate and modernize networks
  • Recommend and install network monitoring solutions such as Intrusion Prevention Systems and Intrusion Detection Systems (IPS and IDS)
  • WAN/bandwidth optimization (packet shaping)
  • Industrial protocol optimization (PROFINET)
  • Apply Confidentiality Integrity Availability (CIA) policies to segment IT and OT networks

DMC 's Approach to Industrial Networking and Cybersecurity


Rather than manage and support a costly full-time IT team, DMC can bring our expertise to you.


DMC will inventory all networked devices and nodes/endpoints. Each will be evaluated for potential vulnerabilities. We will run a penetration test that covers the entire industrial network. We will also document the managed equipment and service contracts. A risk assessment describing our findings will be produced.


Based on the risk profiles, DMC will make recommendations to strengthen the security of the industrial network and its connected devices as well as the network perimeter. DMC will specify appropriate hardware and software tools to remediate and modernize the industrial network.


DMC will work with your team to apply agreed upon recommendations to strengthen the security and performance of your industrial network. This may include procurement and installation of hardware as well as the installation and configuration of software. Once implemented, the industrial network will be re-assessed to ensure vulnerabilities have been addressed.


Once the industrial network has been remediated and modernized, it is essential that it be closely monitored. Real-time alerts and reports will be available to ensure the ongoing health and security of the industrial network.

Additional Services

Architecture and Design for New Industrial NetworksIndustrial Networking and Cybersecurity

DMC specializes in implementing automation, test and measurement, and SCADA solutions for a wide range of industries. Using this expertise, we will specify the servers and switches used in industrial networking devices. We can make networking equipment recommendations and management strategies.

DMC will further provide LAN patch management strategies, software vulnerability reviews and database security reviews. We can define cabling requirements, setup network monitoring, and backups for Disaster Recovery (DR).

Installation and Configuration of Network / Networking Devices

DMC has the expertise to complete the installation of switches and access points, migrate server storage to SAN, migrate / visualize your servers, and secure your systems with anti-virus installation.

IoT Security

We can help you evaluate and secure your connected devices: 

  • Identify potential attack vectors
  • Secure data storage
  • Select cryptographic protocols
  • Protect your code/intellectual property
  • Implement network security
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