MagneMotion Programming

MagneMotion by Rockwell Automation LogoRockwell Automation’s MagneMotion provides innovative, easy-to-integrate conveyor systems that are more flexible and scalable than traditional conveyance methods. DMC has extensive experience programming and commissioning MagneMotion systems. We’ve worked on some of the largest and most complex MagneMotion projects in the world, and we’ve also worked on many smaller systems—DMC has seen it all.

Comprehensive Solutions

MagneMotion systems can accommodate any plant or machine size, throughput requirements, and can move material ranging from ounces to tons. Since vehicles move independently in MagneMotion systems, we have much more control of how material moves throughout the system. DMC has engineers located across the country MagneMotion Conveyance System in Manufacturingthat can work with you to determine the best way to integrate this conveyance solution into your production process.

As a Rockwell Automation System Integrator, DMC has a close relationship with MagneMotion’s parent company. We have a large network of partners and suppliers to ensure a speedy timeline for your project. Our engineers have a wide variety of expertise across service areas, which allows us to provide you with a comprehensive, fully integrated solution.

MagneMotion Experience and Services

DMC has worked with both MagneMotion hardware (MagneMover LITE and QuickStick) and software (MagneMotion NCHost and Configurator Tool). Our MagneMotion skills and services include:

  • PLC controls system integration
  • Configuration file generation
  • MICS file generation
  • Track layout
  • System Simulation

DMC has delivered MagneMotion solutions in wide range of industries, including food and beveragepackaging, and pharmaceutical.

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