Sepasoft Programming

DMC utilizes Sepasoft to provide flexible, scalable, and reliable MES solutions. Built on Ignition, Sepasoft adds valuable MES functionalities to the already powerful platform. Ignition is one of the fastest-growing and powerful platforms available, allowing our engineers to deliver robust HMI/SCADA and MES solutions to our clients.

DMC’s Expertise

DMC is an Ignition Premier Integrator and we are experts on Ignition architecture, machine control & analysis, UDTs & templates, and alarming. This certification demonstrates our continued commitment to providing excellent Ignition solutions.

With expertise in many different service areas, DMC is well equipped to deliver comprehensive solutions. Our large application development team means you don’t have to look elsewhere for developers—saving you both time and money. We understand programming best practices and the manufacturing process, therefore we can seamlessly integrate MES monitoring across multiple servers.

Sepasoft Modules:

  • OEE Downtime Module Suite
  • Interface for SAP ERP
  • Track & Trace
  • SPC Software
  • Settings & Changeover
  • Document Management
  • Web Services
  • Sepasoft Business Connector
  • Instrument Interface
  • Barcode Scanner

Sepasoft Integrations with:

  • New or existing PLCs
  • ERP systems (including SAP)
  • Warehouse management systems
  • Standard communication protocols (OPC UA, MQTT, KepServer, etc)
  • Manual data collection through SCADA or web-based applications
  • Barcode scanners, RFID cards, and other tracking products
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