OEE and Downtime Tracking

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and Downtime Tracking

OEE calculations UI in an MES system

DMC's experienced engineers can work closely with your team to deliver a world class OEE and downtime tracking solution.

By giving you the tools needed to comprehensively assess manufacturing performance, we enable the development of strategic plans to boost productivity, reduce waste, and increase profitability.

DMC works with a variety of OEE and downtime tracking solutions and can work with your team to select, develop, and deploy the right solution for your company.

As a Premier Ignition 8.1 IntegratorSiemens Solution PartnerRockwell Automation System Integrator, Tulip partner, and a Wonderware-Certified System Integrator, we are always striving to grow our expertise and offer the best solutions.

Additionally, DMC has the controls knowledge to understand your process and make any required changes to the PLC layer in order to collect the necessary data for OEE implementations.

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DMC works with several high performing platforms that allow us to deliver results quickly and effectively. We offer solutions that are:

  • Cost effective to start up and provide value rapidly
  • Scalable and expandable to provide additional functionality beyond OEE (Cycle Time, First Past Yield, MBTF, etc.)
  • Customizable to meet a client's specific needs

All this results in a system that is easy to deploy and that can be customized to meet a facilities unique need and equipment.

Technologies and Platforms Used by DMC

DMC's Standard or Custom Data Collection Solutions to Gather Performance Data

  • New or existing PLCs
  • Standard Communication Protocols (OPC UA, MQTT, KepServer, etc)
  • Manual data collection through SCADA or web-based applications
  • Barcode scanners, RFID cards, and other tracking products
  • Databases, ERP systems, warehouse management systems

DMC's OEE and Downtime Data Availability

  • Export to Business and Advanced Analytics Platforms
  • Standard Reports
  • Easy to Use Ad Hoc Analytics
  • Customized Reports


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