Motion Control Engineering and Servo Systems

Motion Control Servo MotorA typical Motion Control and Servo System involves one or more motors providing feedback (typically through an encoder) to a programmable motion controller. The servo controls one or more command parameters (position, velocity, or torque) through PID control loops. Modern Motion Control Systems are capable of sophisticated control such as several axes electronically geared (cam), high speed and precision motion, and sub-micro precision. Many employ high-speed synchronous communication buses, such as Ethernet POWERLINK, PROFINET, or Drive-Cliq, allowing advanced feedback devices like multi-turn absolute encoders.

Properly tuned systems and optimized motion control programs can help reduce cycle time, product waste, and improve throughput and productivity.

DMC's Motion Control Engineering and Servo System Programming Services and Applications include:

  • Electronic camming
  • Electronic gearing
  • Precision pick & place
  • Printing and registration
  • Web handling
  • High-speed printing
  • Hydraulic servos
  • PID tuning
  • Data collection
  • Vision integration
  • Flying cutoff
  • Packaging

DMC's motion controller platform experience includes:

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