Beckhoff Motion Control Programming

Beckhoff CX2020 PLCDMC uses Beckhoff for motion control because it has a strong set of function blocks that allow for shorter development time and code that is easier to maintain. DMC programs TwinCAT and Beckhoff servo systems including the AX5000 and AX8000 series. We also develop programs to control third-party servo systems on the TwinCAT platform.

XTS Linear Transport System

DMC has experience integrating Beckhoff's state-of-the-art linear transport system. With the XTS linear transport system, magnetically driven movers move along a travel path of fully integrated motor modules. These flexible motion profiles offer simple and highly complex processes, helping optimize the manufacturing process. 

XPlanar Planar Motion System

More info on this state of the art motion and transport system coming soon. 

Beckhoff motion control is suited for a wide variety of applications, including OEM products targeting affordable price points, high precision applications, high speed, electronic camming/coordinated motion, and large horsepower applications.

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