Yaskawa MotionWorks


Yaskawa MotionWorks

Yaskawa has a broad, robust line of automation solutions, including intelligent motion controllers, servo amplifiers, and drives. We are familiar with their hardware and software from not only implementing automation solutions, but also from assisting Yaskawa with internal development of certain product offerings.

DMC offers Yaskawa MotionWorks programming services from our offices in Chicago, Illinois; Boston, Massachusetts; Denver, Colorado; Houston, Texas; and New York, New York to customers worldwide.

Yaskawa's MP2000 series machine controllers are a versitile platform incorporating both machine logic and motion control. DMC is well versed in all of the IEC 61131 programming languages supported by the platform's programming environment, MotionWorks IEC.

Our MP2000 series and MotionWorks offerings include logic programming (Ladder Logic, Stuctured Text, and Function Block Diagrams), servo tuning, motion control, integration and communication with other devices and HMIs (Modbus/TCP, Ethernet/IP, OPC), general setup, and commissioning.

Other Yaskawa-Related Offerings

Our background with Yaskawa products includes servo control with the Sigma-5 and earlier Sigma series systems, and Yaskawa drives. Applications stretch across industries and technologies, including gearing/camming, web based application, rolling, part handling, product development and more. DMC knows Yaskawa Mechatrolink, EtherCAT, and Memobus protocols.


DMC is a Yaskawa Solution & Service Provider Plus partner (SSP+). We have been working with Yaskawa automation tools since 1999. Our experience and expertise include the following technologies:


  • MP2600iec Motion Controller
  • MP2300 Motion Controller
  • MP2300Siec Motion Controller
  • Sigma-5 Servo Amplifiers
  • A1000, V1000, and other 1000 series VFDs
  • F7, G7, V7, and other 7 series VFDs