SharePoint Document Management


SharePoint Document Management

SharePoint is the most widely-used platform for companies who want to organize and control the flow of documents throughout their business. With a properly designed SharePoint taxonomy and the use of metadata tags, all of your companies internal work and communications can be easily found and shared. With SharePoint in place, your business will never have to deal with the woes of a cluttered desk.

Find Documents Fast

Search performs full-text indexing of all the words contained in the documents you store on your network share and inside SharePoint. Metadata tags applied to your documents also facilitate navigation and the filtering of search results.  DMC's SharePoint OCR Solution allows SharePoint to index image-only PDF files so they can be discovered via search. 

Never Lose A File

Document Management solutions that leverage SharePoint include robust Version Control and Audit Trail features. This allows teams to work together and avoid costly mistakes, such as sending the customer the wrong version of a contract or inaccurate pricing in a proposal.

Better Safety & Security

Control who has access to all your company documents with easy to use tools that allow documents to be easily shared and protected with certainty.


DMC offers SharePoint document management services from our offices in Chicago, Illinois; Boston, Massachusetts; Denver, Colorado; Houston, Texas; and New York, New York to customers worldwide.