SharePoint email Task Approval

Email Task Approval
for SharePoint

SharePoint email Task Approval

Our Solution Features

  • Simple Implementation  

    There is zero installation in your SharePoint environment.  The solution only needs credentials to access SharePoint and the mailbox.  It is hosted externally or deployed to one of your internal servers.  

  • Works with any SharePoint task

    Out of the box, we handle standard tasks lists and both SharePoint 2010 and 2013 workflow tasks.  It is compatible with on-premise and Office 365 with no requirement to utilize a custom workflow engine, configure a special document library, or apply special email formats.  We can also configure custom task outcomes and basic data collection.  

  • Customizable

    Features can be added to meet your exact permissions, audit, or workflow requirements.

How it Works

We leverage the email alerts and notifications that SharePoint already sends whenever a task is assigned.  The user simply replies or forwards this message to a monitored mailbox.  They include a one-word command in their response.  Mailto: links can be used to simplify the reply process.  

When our solution detects a response, we extract the command from the user response and the task URL from the content of the original notification. Using the URL, we connect to your SharePoint site, locate the task, and complete it appropriately. Email confirmations are sent to the user. The service ignores emails that do not contain both a command and a link to a valid task.

Get Started

Free Trial - Standard features of the solution are available for free on a limited use basis

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email approve task

Approve SharePoint Tasks Via Email

Quickly complete SharePoint tasks while on the go using our email reply solution. Just enter a one-word response (for example, 'Approved') to SharePoint task notification emails.  This type of solution is also known as offline or lazy approval.

Save time and effort.  Approve tasks from email enabled mobile devices, speed up business processes, and involve external or infrequent users in SharePoint workflows without training them.