Automated Test Stand Design


Automated Test Stand Design

Turnkey Automated Test Stand Considerations

Automated test systems may be as simple as a laptop with a DAQ module or a stand-alone controller, but they typically require a mix of off-the-shelf and custom hardware. All that hardware is integrated and wired into a test stand. Portable or mobile test stands are ideal for in-the-field research and development and servicing of multiple laboratories or manufacturing lines. Test stand access to the front panels of hardware and subcomponents allows manual configuration of non-automated settings. Quick disconnects, cable harnesses, and easy access to probes provides efficient setup and tear-down. Expandable or modular rack mount and card base systems facilitate future needs. Ergonomic considerations include keyboard and display placement, along with number of monintors. Safety is always crucial with proper E-stop placement and keeping dangerous elements away from users.

DMC's Turnkey Test Stands - Hardware meets Software

Our automated test stands are typically programmed with LabVIEW, although we work with other languages and platforms. We design custom PC Boards, flexible card modules, and custom back planes for special signal routing when necessary. We integrate hardware platforms from many vendors, using existing driver sets when possible or building custom interfaces to automate the complete system:

Depending on your project needs, DMC can assist you through the entire life cycle of automated test station development and deployment, or we can target specific critical areas as required to support your own internal engineering efforts.

  • Defining test requirements and capabilities
  • Test stand architecture, design and layout
  • Test automation software development
  • Design of custom PCBs for test interface signal routing
  • Integration and assembly of DAQ systems and instruments
  • Validation and verification
  • Design and solution documentation
  • Training and Support

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