LabVIEW UI Suite

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Available on NI Tools NetworkYour user interface is the only part of your application that your end users will ever see. Give it a modern, flat UI style by utilizing DMC’s LabVIEW GUI Suite available now for free!

DMC’s LabVIEW developers collaborated with our Graphic Design artists and put in hundreds of hours to create a complete, truly modern LabVIEW controls and indicators kit that is a part of NI Tools Network.

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These controls and indicators improve your user interface development efficiency and provide the building blocks for sleek UI design.

What is it?

The DMC LabVIEW GUI Suite is a complete set of all commonly used controls and indicators. It features flat-styled buttons, graphs, arrays, clusters, DAQmx controls and much, much more! The controls are specially-designed to allow for easy color and size customization, which will allow you to use this UI palette on any project!

Is it really free?

Yes! This toolkit gives you quick access to some of the nicest looking controls and indicators straight from your controls palette. You can use this toolkit for free on commercial and non-commercial projects and products, even extending the features of any control you like. We give you access to everything. We simply require that you do not re-distribute the toolkit itself.

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