LabVIEW UX Toolkit

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It’s a vi package that provides useful LabVIEW functions to create a better user experience. It currently has 3 main focus areas.

Responsive Design

DMC LabVIEW UX Toolkit Responsive Design

Simply add the “Initialize Hover” to any vi that uses 4-state (non-picture buttons), and the vi will handle mouse-over events to change the color of the button so the user can tell it’s clickable.  By creating a more responsive interface, you can make the application more intuitive for the user to understand its intent and how it functions.  It also makes the application feel more modern.

Color Set Generator

DMC LabVIEW UX Toolkit Color Set Generator

Create the perfect set of colors with this easy-to-use vi.  It automatically creates a user-defined number of colors that are similar in intensity but as distinct as possible by leveraging the golden ratio to optimize color selections.

Sliding Animation

The DMC “Slider” class can be used to add sliding panes or controls to your application.  It uses just 6 simple methods to accomplish your basic needs for sliding objects on, off, or around the screen.

  • The Slider class is a by-reference class, so you can split the wire and both will reference the same Slider Object
  • You get to control whether to use animation and how fast the animation occurs
  • You can specify a reference object/pane as a coordinate system, or use the toolkit's default, which is the owning pane of the Slider object. 
  • Convenient snap positions are auto-calculated based on the corners and center points of the slider’s coordinate reference.
  • API
    • – Creates the Slider Object and specifies a Reference Panel
    • Snap –Slides the object on or off screen according to a Boolean input.  You can snap the slide to the left, right, or center of the Reference Panel
    • Toggle – Sliders the object on or off the screen, depending on what the current state of the slider is
    • Offset – Slides the Object like a Snap Slide, but allows the user to specify top and left offset
    • Free – Slides the Object to a specifies coordinate on the Reference Panel
    • – Releases references to the Slider Object
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