Starting Out at DMC as a New Employee

Starting Out at DMC as a New Employee

Eight new hires, including myself, started at DMC on July 23. I just finished school in May, so although I was sad to say goodbye to my last summer vacation, I was very excited to start my first adult job! At DMC, every new employee starts in the Chicago headquarters for three weeks of training before heading off to their regional offices. I will be starting in the New York office after training in Chicago. It's been nice to go through our meetings and events together with the other new hires during this three-week training period and get to know everyone!

The First Day

Our first day was a whirlwind of things like a tour of the office, acquainting ourselves with our quad-mates (most desks here at DMC Chicago are organized into quads of four), a welcome lunch with the whole office, and a photo shoot for our employee bios on the website. All day long, I was struck by how welcoming everyone in the office was, regardless of what department they worked in or how long they'd been at DMC. Everyone was so excited to have us join the team!


The next few days consisted of lots of training classes, some company-wide and other specific to my service area (Manufacturing Automation and Intelligence). Outside of work hours, we celebrated the end of the DMC Kickball team's season at an outdoor beer garden, attended a bowling welcome party at a brewery, and enjoyed a happy hour filled with competitive games of “Killer Queen” at an arcade bar.

Hands-On Experience

By the start of our second week, we were already diving into our first projects and learning many of the technologies we'll be using at DMC with hands-on labs. There really hasn't been a dull moment. Now, I can't believe my second week at DMC is already coming to an end.

My last week here in Chicago promises to be fun-filled with two welcome parties to celebrate us new hires before we head off to our remote offices: one axe-throwing and one learning the ropes of cocktail-making. I definitely will miss the quiet walk to the Chicago office from the DMC Guest House, but I'm excited to join DMC New York in the Big Apple!

Welcoming new DMC employees with axe throwing

I know that my welcome to DMC New York will be just as warm and exciting as my welcome to DMC Chicago was!

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