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FactoryTalk Data Historian Implementation with PLC and SCADA Programming

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DMC developed a PLC program and corresponding SCADA system for the processing of krill oil. The system also utilized a historian to allow for long-term data storage and trending.


DMC’s customer was looking for reliable, user-friendly control of a biomarine processing unit to be “plugged-in” to an existing plant system with minimal downtime. The process technique being employed required precise flow control as well as reliable temperature, pressure, and conductivity monitoring of the feed and end product.

Using an Allen-Bradley ControlLogix 5570 PLC, DMC developed a program that monitored and controlled a system of 200 points of digital and analog I/O, 6 PowerFlex VFDs, as well as communication with the existing plant SCADA system. The program was designed to allow for flexibility as operations of the unit were scaled up to meet the total throughput of the plant.

Working in tandem with this PLC program was a network-distributed FactoryTalk View SE application servicing three HMI clients. Utilizing the FactoryTalk Historian, the system provided operators with full trending functionality of past and current data. Additionally, the DataLink plug-in for Excel gave our customers the tools to generate the reports they needed to properly scale up the processing unit to its full potential.

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Customer Benefits

  • Tag-by-tag compression and retrieval settings for optimal Historian performance
  • Configurable trending for operators through FT View clients
  • Easy exporting of historical data to Excel through DataLink plug-in


  • AB ControlLogix 5570
  • PowerFlex 525 VFDs
  • FactoryTalk View SE (Network Distributed)
  • FactoryTalk Historian and DataLink