OCR Solution

Many businesses manage large volumes of PDF or TIF files. Too often these PDFs are scanned as “Image Only” without searchable text data. Finding the right information becomes a painful and time-intensive manual process.

DMC has developed the perfect solution for organizations with a large volume of documents and the desire to easily find and manage them in SharePoint. Our solution uses OCR (optical character recognition) technology to automatically process all of your PDF files and make them searchable in SharePoint.


SharePoint Search Indexing

Add text layers to your Image Only PDFs and enable them for SharePoint Search. Your users will instantly find files when searching phrases or keywords contained within the PDF content.

Microsoft SharePoint Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Searching Text Within PDF Documents

Automated Processing

The application quickly scans entire SharePoint site collections and network drives to find PDFs for batch processing. There is no need to identify and process each file or library manually. Further scans automatically process new documents on a scheduled basis.

High Accuracy OCR

Our solution delivers highly accurate results. We’ve had great success with past projects.

Metadata Recognition

Our base solution can be extended to include rules that intelligently recognize document content and automatically apply SharePoint metadata. Metadata organizes your information and enables popular features including filters, sorts, and workflows.

Why Choose DMC's Solution?

Quick Implementation
When buying packaged software, you need to spend time evaluating products, learning their operation, and configuring a setup. With DMC, we treat each sale as a project. Our team handles all the details so that you can get started immediately.

Low Cost
Many commercial packages charge a per document fee. This becomes expensive for smaller companies with high document volumes. Our software and implementation services are usually delivered fixed-fee. The code is yours to keep.

Custom Features
No two companies are the same. We can easily add logic or tweak the application to meet your exact business needs.

Version Compatibility
Our software is compatible with SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013, and SharePoint 2016 as well as SharePoint Online (Office 365). It does not need to be installed on the SharePoint server.

Let's Get Started

DMC’s SharePoint OCR solution is offered exclusively to our clients. Contact us to discuss your SharePoint OCR project.

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