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.NET Micro Framework and the GHI Embedded Master

Recently I've had the opportunity to do some embedded development using the .NET Micro Framework platform. The .NET Micro Framework is a light-weight version of the full .NET framework that can be ported to run on a variety of processors, includi...

Circuit Board Design: Auto-routing in Altium

You've finished and double checked your schematic, all the footprints have been loaded or created, and you've laid out all of your components on your board. Now it is time to route the traces. Traditionally, board designers route traces by...

Teaching Robots to Love - Programming a Roomba

A few weeks ago, I was coerced by my girlfriend into buying one of those silly "floor cleaning robots." Yes, I mean a Roomba. I was skeptical, but I sat down and did some research.  Little did I know that while I had been slaving aw...

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