Leap Day Competition at DMC

Leap Day Competition at DMC

On February 29th, DMC celebrated Leap Day with a little friendly competition.  With some tape on the floor, I set up an event court for a Standing Long Jump competition.  Standing Long Jump was an Olympic event until from 1900-1912, and I remembered it from grade school gym class.  In addition to the starting line, I marked the 3.47m Olympic record.  It seemed like an impossibly far distance, and before we started some wondered whether anybody would get halfway there.

Jody Koplo started off the competition with an impressive series of three jumps, but was eventually squeezed off the podium.  The winners were:
1. Dan Lawler - 2.49m
2. Alex Krejcie – 2.48m
3. Jason Mayes – 2.44m

While that Olympic record still looks a long way off, we feel great about getting within 1 meter of it.  Happy Leap Day to all!

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