Second Annual DMC Ski Trip

Second Annual DMC Ski Trip

After a great time on last year's DMC ski trip to Breckenridge, nine DMC employees and friends decided to continue the tradition. Last month, we headed west to hit the slopes in Vail, CO.

Enjoy the photos below and live vicariously through our ski trip limericks!

Leftovers –or– Pound Some Fruit
Bananas, eggs, granola and cheese
Two whole carts we needed to seize
Don’t be mistaken
There was 4 lbs of bacon
Next time eat before shopping, pretty please

Bad Things on the Mountain
Heavy snow, freezing winds, oh good lord
Fifteen feet is all we could afford
No need to curse
Things could always be worse
At lease I’m not dragging a snowboard

Over/Under –or– Vacation with DMC
All boarded and comfy in our seats
On the intercom the captain then speaks
Faced with a delay
In Denver we might stay
Suddenly wished we’d filled out our timesheets


Meghan Bookmiller
# Meghan Bookmiller
Ashley looking at the group picture, great things surely do come in small packages. :) Small stature but an enormous amount of moxie. You'll be hitting the Blacks in no time!!

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