DMC's Sweet Sixteen (SURPRISE) Party

DMC's Sweet Sixteen (SURPRISE) Party

Everybody loves a surprise party!

As Jessica blogged about just the other day, DMC just celebrated our 16th Anniversary. As we have for several years, this is usually commemorated with a quick blog post looking back on the previous year or reflecting on how far we've come. This year though, our fantastic admin staff managed to plan and pull off a Sweet 16 Surprise Party.

DMC celebrates 16 years of expert engineering solutions 

With the warm weather and our new deck, DMC has spent quite a few Friday evenings on the roof (often with grill and cooler) enjoying the summer nights. Under that guise, a typical Friday cookout was planned. With approximately 40 DMC employees, friends, and family members, it did seem like a large gathering, but it was still a great surprise when the cake and champagne came out! To top it off, an amazing Sweet 16 poster featuring the young and dashing Frank Riordan and Ken Brey also made an appearance.

DMC celebrates 16 years of customer service

While I've only been a part of the DMC family for 2 years, it is events like this that make DMC a special place to me. Thanks for a great party!

And on behalf of all of DMC's family and friends, congratulations to DMC (and Frank) for a terrific 16 years!

DMC celebrates
(this may or may not be slightly photoshopped)


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