DMC Ping Pong Challenge Ladder

DMC Ping Pong Challenge Ladder

Did you catch that underground professional ping-pong comedy a few years back, Balls of Fury? Well, neither did I. But judging by the trailers, it’s not a far cry from DMC’s daily ping pong playing and newly formed Challenge Ladder.

The DMC ping pong Challenge Ladder started last week. Initially, every DMC ping ponger was given a random ladder rank, and of course I drew number one. Ladder play will last 90 days, at the end of which a DMC ping pong champion will be declared.

Ladder rules are as follows:

1. Upon completion of a 90 day period, the individual occupying position #1 of the Ladder will be considered champion.

2. After 90-days have expired and a champion has been recognized, the ladder will be reset. Players will be entered into a lottery, drawing randomly generated numbers. The lottery will be sorted in ascending order resulting in the initial seeding for the subsequent ladder session.

3. Ladder matches are conducted as follows:

a. Best of 3 series
b. Games played to 21 points
c. Games must be won by a margin of 2 points
d. The winner will ascend to the higher of the two seeds entered the match
e. The loser will be relegated to the lower of the two seeds entered in the match
f. The score of each game will be recorded on the official score sheet

4. Challenges

a. Players may challenge any participant in the DMC Ladder
b. Upon receiving a challenge, a player must accept if the challenger is immediately adjacent to the player in ladder rank
c. If a seeding gap exists between player and challenger, the player with the higher seed may reserve the right to deny the challenge
d. If a player accepts a challenger (of any seed), they will adhere to the rules outlined in Section 3. Part C. Subsections E-F, stating that the winner will assume the higher of the two seeds, and loser will assume the lower of the two seeds

Stay tuned for the ladder results…


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