DMC Boston's Holiday Party at the Liberty Hotel

DMC Boston's Holiday Party at the Liberty Hotel

Following the time honored tradition of holding our annual Holiday Party weeks (if not months) after the Holidays, we finally held our first ever DMC Boston Holiday Party last weekend. With a smaller group, we decided to do something a little more intimate - and a little more Boston.

Our small group of thirteen DMC employees, family and friends met downtown at Alibi, a trendy bar in Beacon Hill's Liberty Hotel. The Liberty Hotel is a historic Boston landmark, having served as the Charles Street Jail from 1851-1990. After its time housing Boston's most notorious ended, the Liberty Hotel is now seeing second life as a luxury hotel boasting multiple bars and restaurants - each of which features the unique history of the building.

Alibi happens to be located in the old Charles Street Jail drunk tank - so this may be the only holiday party that ever started in jail, added a few drinks, and ended up out on the town.

After our time at Alibi, where we had a few cocktails in a jail cell and spent some time unwinding, we moved up to Clink for a great dinner. We were lucky to be joined by a few of our most recent additions to our Boston team (starting summer 2014!) so it was a great chance to get to know our new colleagues and welcome them to the DMC family. After dessert, the party moved on to the Liberty Bar where we spent the rest of the evening laughing and debating mechanics, physics, and other engineering related topics.

In the end, it was a great night with friends and family and the start of a new DMC Boston tradition. This time next year, we'll be planning our second Annual Holiday Party and we'll be doing it for a much larger group than thirteen! 2014 is going to be a great year at DMC!



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