DMC New York for Dummies

DMC New York for Dummies

Start spreading the news, you're leaving today. You want to be a part of it: DMC New York!

Flashback to October 20th, 2016: Barack Obama was rounding out his second term as POTUS, Queen Elizabeth II was basking in her 90th year of life, NASA had discovered over 1,284 new planets in distant solar systems since the start of the year, and DMC NY was celebrating its Grand Opening!

Location, Location, Location

Nestled right in the heart of the Garment District, the DMC New York office is a perfect hub for experiencing all that NYC has to offer. A brief walk uptown brings you to the garden oasis, that is, Bryant Park, while an even quicker walk downtown finds you absorbing the cultural glow of Koreatown. East and west sandwich you between The Empire State Building and the newly constructed and vivacious Hudson Yards area.

nyc grand opening

Just about any MTA Subway line is a convenient walk away. Between Herald Square and Penn Station, the city really is your oyster. You may even be able to catch a glimpse of Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade from here.  

The Office

Once you find yourself at the base of the 22-story building we call home, wave a quick hello to Ira, Warren, and the gang at the front desk. Then, head on up to Suite 19. Upon your arrival skyward, you'll be greeted by our sunlight-flooded office full of equally bright and warm individuals welcoming you.

Group Waving

Take a quick look around. Ahead of you is our state-of-the-art conference room and charming welcome sign. To your right sits our whole magnificent team. On your left, we house our top-of-the-line lab, equipped with every gadget your technical heart could desire, as well as our prized ping pong table.

dmc nyc office

As we make a counterclockwise lap around the office, you'll notice our stunning billiards table, the electronic portal, which lets us look into and communicate with every other DMC office location across the country, our wonderful kitchen, and all of our collaboration rooms.

Our Team

Now that you've gotten your bearings in the office, let's introduce you to some of our team. I know we aren't supposed to pick favorites, but here you really won't be able to. Everyone you meet will spark joy in his or her own, unique way. Paul can teach you a bit about basically any subject and has a hand in nearly every hobby imaginable. Feel free to chat with him at length about baseball, woodworking, or Ignition. Becca is our resident improvisationalist. If you want a fun, affordable time, then bop on over to one of her improv shows. If it's the hot gossip around town you seek, Christina is your local expert. As the human embodiment of a classy TMZ, she can give you the scoop on all things Bachelor and celebrity sightings.

nyc team

You Betta' Werk

With such fun, individualistic people, it's hard to believe we get any work done, but you'd be surprised. Our dynamic team comes together to form a perfect collaborative spirit. From automation, to embedded, to app development projects, the New York office services clients not only in the NY metropolitan area, but up and down the East Coast and even around the world. Often working alongside colleagues in other DMC offices across the country, we know what it means to be One DMC.

Fun, Fun, Fun

DMC isn't just about the grind. To truly build One DMC, we create a community of trusted coworkers and friends. Here in the NY office, we come together every Tuesday at noon to host a team lunch! Dedicating just one lunch break every week to sharing a meal with the office allows everyone to connect on a more personal level. Plus, it provides a supportive environment to share delicious homemade dishes because nothing brings people together quite like food.

food in nyc

Sound nice? Well, the fun doesn't stop there. Not only does every office throw a personalized welcome party for each new hire they take on, but they also receive a monthly budget to spend on just about any fun activities they can think of! A few recent Activity Fund highlights from the New York office include flying high in a Trapeze Class, root-root-rooting for the home team at a Yankee game, and boating out to The Statue of Liberty at sunset.

Whether playing Rock Band in the office, grabbing a pint at Cherry Tavern, or working hard onsite in China, the DMC New York team never loses sight of its priorities:

  1. Doing great work with great people in great places.
  2. Dogs.

Contact DMC New York for information about employment opportunities!


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