Wine & Paint to Welcome New Employees

Wine & Paint to Welcome New Employees

All new DMC employees start with new hire training in the Chicago office. New hire training lasts three weeks and consists of taking classes, building technical skills, getting to know your coworkers, and constantly celebrating the fact that you’ve arrived!

One of the ways DMC celebrates new hires is through Welcome Parties! New hires may choose a Welcome Party of their choosing. These fun activities help DMCers get to know their new coworkers and celebrate DMC’s continued growth.

Even though the regional office employees were only spending three weeks in Chicago, the team never misses a chance to celebrate! We had a Wine & Paint welcome party for the four new regional office employees and one of our new Chicagoans this past fall. 

wine and paintin chicago
DMCers getting their creative juices (pun intended) flowing as they prepare to paint.

On that Tuesday evening, the downstairs kitchen was transformed into a painting studio complete with small easels, primed canvases, paints, aprons, and of course: wine!

We sipped and tried our best to follow along with the ever-patient but far more talented painting instructor as she demonstrated step-by-step how to paint a striped vase with colorful flowers.

Everyone took their own creative freedoms with the composition, choosing different colors or flower shapes.

When all was said and done, we knew each other even better, and everyone left with a token to remind them of their inner artist!

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