DMC Houston Learns to Cook

DMC Houston Learns to Cook

To welcome every new employee, DMC throws them a welcome party. Welcome parties are great opportunities to make new hires feel welcome and bond as co-workers outside of a working environment. 

This fall, Dillan and I had our welcome party with the DMC Houston team at Well Done Cooking to learn more about Thai food.

First Course: Shrimp Spring Rolls

We started out learning how to wrap spring rolls. The rolls had shrimp, cilantro, cucumbers, and vermicelli noodles. We served them with a tasty peanut dipping sauce.

Entree #1: Baked Curry Spiced Chicken

Next on the menu was baked curry-spiced chicken. We marinated the chicken with yogurt and curry powder. We seasoned like 'Salt Bae' before baking them.

Entree #2: Lemongrass Green Curry with Tofu

This recipe was the most technically challenging. The first step was to puree then strain a whole host of ingredients, including basil, lemongrass, coriander, and cilantro. We then reduced the strained liquid on the stove and added coconut milk. In the final step, we added roasted tofu. We served the curry over rice.

The cooking class was a great way to welcome new hires and bond as a team. It turns out, engineers can cook!

Learn more about the DMC Houston office and DMC's company culture.


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