DMC Chicago Hangs Out at the Rock Walls

DMC Chicago Hangs Out at the Rock Walls

This past fall, those of us at the DMC Chicago office decided to put our willpower, endurance, and grip strength to the test by hitting up First Ascent Chicago rock climbing gym. With the help of the month’s activity fund budget, we gained admission, velcroed-up our shoes, strapped on our harnesses, and took to the walls.

For some, this trip marked their ~32,767th time rock climbing. For others, this DMC expedition served as the first opportunity to put their chalky hands to the rock walls and a chance to try something new.

“I had never done rock climbing as an adult before, but I have a lot of friends that love it and have it as a hobby. I took their word for it and gave it a shot. Despite having some sore arms the next day, it was such a cool, new experience for me! 10/10 would do it again!” – Elisha Harris

Throughout the evening, we partook in:



Belaying (how’s that for trusting your coworkers?):

And having fun!

All-in-all, we had a blast and look forward to our next DMClimbing adventure!

DMC Rockers' Testimony: 

 “This was my first activity fund event. Being new to the company, it was a cool way to meet some of my coworkers. I love climbing, and doing it with fun people makes it even better.” – Andrew Williams

“Jumping off the top of the wall is going against years of human survival instinct!” – Corey Zheng

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