A Pasta-tively Amazing Welcome Party

A Pasta-tively Amazing Welcome Party

Starting at a new company is an adjustment and involves meeting many new faces. One of the ways DMC helps transition each new employee into the company culture is by hosting a welcome party. Welcome parties bring employees together outside of work to get to know each other in a relaxed and fun setting. For my welcome party at the Denver office, I chose to do a cooking class at The Seasoned Chef

Preparation of the Feast

For the private lesson we made an array of pasta dishes from scratch. We started with a lesson on general cooking skills and then split into groups to make either tortellini, spaghetti, or mezzaluna. Half of the group made a pasta dough by hand, while the other used a food processor to make a different kind of dough. As we waited for dough to rise, we gathered ingredients and made the fillings and sauces for our pasta dishes.

Besides being excited to enjoy some delicious pasta, I had a great time connecting and working with my coworkers on something outside of the technical work we do at DMC. With one person feeding pasta into the machine, another operating the crank, and a third there to catch the dough as it was rolled thin, everyone had a task that contributed to making our meal.


Presentation is Key

Depending on the type of pasta, the dough was either cut to make spaghetti or filled and shaped to make the tortellini and mezzaluna. Though I did not fold the most beautiful tortellini, I am proud to report that they did not explode while cooking and turned out quite delicious. After the sauces were done and the pasta cooked, we were instructed to present our pasta with “Instagram worthy presentation” (shown above).

After the cooking and presentation of the pasta was complete, we were able to see and taste what everyone had made. I felt happy to have joined a community of people who would want to do something like cook pasta from scratch after work and have a great time doing it.

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