Frank Riordan Interview Featured by 'Control Design'

Frank Riordan Interview Featured by 'Control Design'

DMC Founder and CEO Frank Riordan was recently featured in an interview with Control Design. In the article, he answered seven questions about DMC and how technology is affecting the industry.

Industry Trends

Frank Riordan shared his thoughts on topics ranging from DMC's recruiting strategy to IIoT. Regarding digitalization, Riordan said: "DMC has been working in IIoT since before it was called that, at least ten years. We are seeing that our clients are more interested than ever in utilizing current technologies to expand their manufacturing capabilities."

Award Nomination

Riordan was recently named as a finalist for Ernst & Young Global's 2019 Entrepreneur of the Year for the Midwest regional program. The program aims to recognize the work and accomplishments of those who create the products and services that drive the world economy.

New Technologies

Looking to the future, Riordan reflected: "We love learning about new technologies and how to use existing technologies in novel ways to solve problems. We're constantly evaluating new technologies to explore how they can serve our manufacturing clients."

Read Frank Riordan's full interview by Control Design and learn more about DMC.


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