DMC Hosts a Virtual Pizza Party

DMC Hosts a Virtual Pizza Party

As we approach the one-year milestone since the beginning of coronavirus lockdowns, it can feel like we’re never going to be able to gather in the same ways we did a year ago. However, it’s going to take a lot more than that to keep the DMC community apart. Throughout this pandemic, we’ve had virtual trivia nights, virtual beer tastings, and even a virtual pumpkin carving contest.

DMC values the close connections our employees have with each other, both in and out of work. One of the reasons why we are so close is our activity fund, which is a monthly budget set aside for DMCers to connect with each other through fun events and has been a DMC staple for many years. For this month’s activity fund event, we decided to have a virtual pizza party!

Pizza Preparation

Each participating DMC employee was given $25 to spend on whatever pizza ingredients they wanted. In addition, a few people decided to use this as an opportunity to clean out their fridges and finally use their near-expiration veggies, languishing bottles of olives, and in one case, some leftover fettuccine. Why not kill two birds with one stone? We are engineers after all—we know a thing or two about efficiency.

Around twenty DMCers participated in the pizza party and as you can imagine, there was a wide variety of pizza interpretations. We believe that every pizza is beautiful and delicious in its own right, so pizzas weren’t ranked from best to worst; no matter how “interesting” they were. Right off the bat with the crust, many chose to go with an untraditional route. There were bagels, whole-grain flatbreads, and many rectangular pizzas. C’mon, circles are hard!


As you can probably imagine, toppings were a hot debate topic and we’re not just talking about pineapple. To the shock and dismay of our fungi- and veggie-loving coworkers, some DMCers absolutely detest mushrooms and olives on their pizza. Lauren decided to avoid these savory pizza toppings politics altogether and made an apple pie dessert pizza. And of course, as mentioned earlier, Ramone’s topping of choice was leftover fettucine, which he alleges was actually quite delicious. Say what you will, but you can’t say DMCers aren’t creative!

The night was not without incident, however. Elizabeth managed to set off the smoke detector five times, which I assume must be a record. But the pizza fortunately survived and the virtual pizza party was a smashing success for everyone involved. We can’t wait for the next activity fund event!

Check out some pictures of the other pizzas below and read more about other fun DMC activities!

David's pizza with artichoke hearts and peppers

Lauren's apple pie pizza

Lillian's homemade pizza

Nick's pizza with mushrooms, spinach, and peppers 


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