Tacobout a Welcome Party

Tacobout a Welcome Party

After my first few weeks at DMC, it was clear that this company does two things very well: their job (of course) and having fun. When I started this past June, people had just started returning to the office and in-person events were happening for the first time in a while. Within the first few days, I created a "Fun Stuff" folder in my email to store information about the many events taking place. These included all-you-can-eat sushi, a soccer game, a whiskey tasting, an acrobatics show, parties on the rooftop deck, and more. 

Something to Tacobout

Something unique about DMC is that within the first few weeks, everyone who starts at the same time comes together to choose a welcome party activity. Carter Silvey, the other new hire, and I decided to go big for this first post-pandemic welcome party.

Big Mini Golfing Group PhotoDMC welcomed Carter and Marilyn to the company with a welcome party at Big Mini.

The amazing admins coordinated tacos from BIG & little's Restaurant for everyone to enjoy in one of the spacious office kitchens to kick it off. There were various tacos, including spicy pork—my personal favorite. After chowing down on some tacos, there was a ping pong showdown upstairs before we made our way over to the main event: indoor mini-golf and drinks at Big Mini Putt Club.

The Chicago office came together to celebrate these new hires with tacos at the office and then drinks and a round of putt-putt.

Getting Into the Swing

The course consisted of nine holes—each presenting a challenge and each having ample space to set down your drink and get in the zone. One hole, my personal nightmare, was built like a skatepark half pipe, with the hole on a steep incline. I witnessed Carolyn Holthouse, System Engineer, celebrate a hole in one here, while I was "just a few" above par myself. In addition to the unique putt-putt experience, this was a great place to sit down and chat with everyone as well as see their competitive sides.

The party was a lot of fun and a great way to get to know our coworkers outside of the office; however, it was by no means the only way DMC has made me feel welcome. The second I walked in the door at the office, Izzy Rankin, Administrative Assistant, was there to show me my desk: which was ready to go with a laptop, monitors, a coffee cup full of pens, business cards, and some DMC swag. Immediately, people came by to introduce themselves, help me get set up, and show me around.

For the first three weeks, Carter and I were busy with training on all things DMC—including general knowledge and technical skills. Various coworkers took time out of their schedules to train us, and they were happy to answer any questions we thought of. While I was not training, I worked on automation labs developed at DMC as an introduction to ladder logic and the Siemens and Rockwell platforms. These include programming a PLC and HMI to respond to button press inputs by turning on and off lights. Needless to say, I have been kept busy during my first few weeks at DMC.

After such a warm welcome thanks to my great coworkers, it is easy to be excited about my future at DMC. I look forward to challenging projects and more fun events to come.

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