Save Money with Microsoft Azure Reserved Instances

Save Money with Microsoft Azure Reserved Instances

In 2020, many companies were forced to make sudden, dramatic, and enduring changes to their IT environments. A global switch to remote work made On-Premises servers inconvenient to access for users, and even more difficult for IT staff to maintain while working remotely. Many companies found that the best solution for these issues was to move the workload to a cloud platform. However, they soon discovered that the ongoing monthly costs were much higher than expected. Microsoft's Azure cloud platform now offers a way for customers like these to reduce their cloud spend by up to 72%  compared to pay-as-you-go options. 

Azure Reserved Instances

Microsoft Azure is an enterprise-grade cloud service platform: a complete set of secure application services for computing, storage, data, networking, and app development. Azure Reserved Instances allows companies with stable and predictable workloads to pre-purchase a set amount of Azure usage for time periods of 1 or 3 years. Monthly payments remain an option. Users can also pay the entire amount upfront.

Program Flexibility

Azure Reserved Instances is flexible. Customers who find they need to increase the compute power of some of their Azure Reserved Instances can do so without issue, as long as they maintain the same type of reservations. Companies also have the option of cancelling their entire Azure Reserved Instance with payment of a 12% early termination fee.
Used strategically, Azure Reserved Instances can greatly reduce a company's overall cloud spend. With an increasing number of workloads being moved to the cloud at an accelerated rate, this tool is something that should be considered closely by all companies.
If you would like to learn more about how Azure Reserved Instances can work for your company, please feel free to reach out to We will be happy to schedule a call to discuss your needs. 

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