Tour de Houston 2: Welcome Party + Activity Fund

Tour de Houston 2: Welcome Party + Activity Fund

At DMC, one of our favorite ways to enact our core value, ‘Have Fun’, is by hosting a ‘Welcome Party’ for each new team member. Welcome parties give new members of DMC the opportunity to get to know their colleagues through a fun event or activity of their choice.

Covid restrictions in 2020 and early 2021 meant many that new DMC employees weren’t able to have a welcome party immediately. Fortunately, a decrease in restrictions in mid-2021 initiated a series of fun activities at DMC’s Houston office, as team members who joined during the height of the pandemic took their turns to celebrate joining DMC and have fun with coworkers out of the office.

Casimir Smith's welcome party was a part of this recent series. He decided to recreate his favorite Houston Activity Fund event, the Tour De Houston.This event consisted of a day-long bike ride around the city, with several fun stops along the way. This time around, the Houston team used DMC's monthly event budget, the Activity Fund, making Tour De Houston 2 an Activity Fund,Welcome Party hybrid.

Tour de Houston 2

The Houston team met on a Sunday morning to begin their 12-mile ride around the city. 11 DMCers attended, making this Houston's biggest Activity Fund event to date.

According to Casimir, there aren't many bike-friendly places in Houston. However, the team was up for the challenge and managed to develop a route with plenty of food, drinks, and fun along the way.

The Tour de Houston bike route.

Their first stop was Market Square Park for coffee and snacks. Next, the party stopped at Saint Arnolds Brewery for lunch and drinks before hitting the road again. Each stop lasted about an hour, with the exception of the final stop in Highland Park. To reach the bar, the group rode against 30 mph winds! Their perserverence was rewarded with a long rest, more refreshment, and celebration.

The Houston team with bike

Getting Started at DMC

Now that he’s a developed member of DMC, Casimir reflects on his start at DMC.

“I had the quintessential covid office start mid-2020: Filled with uncertainty and starting at a new office at a time when everyone was already knee deep into working from home.”

“At that point, most activity funds went toward zoom events and getting to know people was a slower experience. When the office opened back up, I got to meet a lot of people for the first time. That was a big transition.

“In a lot of ways its easier to appreciate the party and DMC’s culture all the more. It makes me appreciate being able to be with people in the office a little more than I otherwise would.”

“Workwise big props to Elizabeth on answering all of my questions and helping me to develop and  to reach a place where I’m a lot more independent as an employee.”

We will be on the look out for Tour de Houston part 3!

Learn more about the Houston office and  DMC's company culture.



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