DMC's ICC Build-a-Thon Training Video

DMC's ICC Build-a-Thon Training Video

DMC is excited to be a competitor in Inductive Automation’s Build-a-Thon during the Inductive Community Conference (ICC) from September 20 - 21.

The Build-a-Thon is a programming competition where DMC will spend two days programming an Ignition project based on a prompt from the Inductive Automation team. DMC will then present the finished project to the attendees of ICC, who will vote on which project they like more.

DMC is sending three of our top Ignition experts to compete in this exciting competition, and they have been busy preparing. To train for the competition, DMC has taken inspiration from F1 drivers to hone our programming skills and get in the right mindset. We had a fun time filming this training video and are excited for the opportunity to participate in the Build-a-Thon!

If you will be attending ICC please let us know. We would love to meet up with you!


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