DMC Spends a Spooktacular Saturday at Fright Fest

DMC Spends a Spooktacular Saturday at Fright Fest

DMC traded their laptops for roller coasters and embarked on a spine-chilling adventure at Six Flags Great America's Fright Fest.

Six Flags Great America Fright Fest 2023 group photo

The day was filled with rides, funnel cakes, haunted houses, laughs, and screams! Some DMCers attended the event although they are easily scared.

“I really like roller coasters, and it's been a long, long time since I've been to an amusement park, but I wasn't particularly interested in the Fright Fest part of it because I'm very easily frightened,” Hannah Gjovik, Systems Engineer, said. “When I saw [an actor] coming in my direction, I was in a little group of people, so I just shifted to the side in the middle between people, and then they wouldn't scare me. I also made very sure not to look behind me because, if there was like one of those guys behind me, I would have lost it.”

The characters throughout the park filled this already cold evening with chills, and eventually it also started to rain, but this did not stop us from fulling one of our Core Values and Having Fun.

“I spent the day with a few different groups. Spending time talking and laughing with each group made waiting in the long lines feel much faster and helped me cope with the cold and rain,” Josh Wrobel, Systems Engineer, said. “I went on Superman and Raging bull and had a blast on both. Raging Bull was my favorite; there was something really exciting about its high-speed drops and turns through the nighttime rain so close to Halloween.”

Fright Fest Superman Line

Though lines were long, Josh rode in the front row of Superman as his first ride into the park and Raging Bull as one of his last while it was raining.

Fright Fest Superman ride

“My meal after riding Raging Bull was definitely a highlight. After waiting in the cold rain for so long, the food tasted really good,” Josh said. “I think everybody in my group was excited to eat LOTS of food and talk about highlights from the day and plans for upcoming rides.”

Fright Fest food

Though lines were long, both Hannah and Josh agree that DMCers tend to make most things fun whether just waiting in line for a ride, or splitting cheesecake funnel cakes while bearing Chicagoland’s cold.

“My favorite moments of the day were laughing with my friends at the ends of each ride,” Josh said. “While I enjoy working with my coworkers during the workday, I always like getting to know them outside of work at AF [activity fund] events! I’ll definitely be attending this event if we do it again next year but will be bringing a heavier jacket!”

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