Chicago Ski Trip 2024: Da WiSKInson CheeSKInson

Chicago Ski Trip 2024: Da WiSKInson CheeSKInson

Chicago winters can be brutal, but there is no better way to escape the hustle and bustle of the Windy City than with a day trip to Wisconsin to hit the slopes. DMC’s Chicago office decided to shut down their laptops and grab their snow gear for a day of skiing at the first annual Chicago ski trip: Da WiSKInson CheeSKInson. 

26 DMCers headed to Alpine Valley Resort in Walworth Count, Wisconsin, about 90 minutes away from DMC Headquarters. While many went skiing, skiing was not the only activity.

“We had a few people snowboard, me included,” Aleks Konstantinovic, Systems Engineer, said. “There was nobody who sat out, we were all hitting the slopes!” 

Chicago DMCers Posing on the Slopes

While there were many DMCers who had previously skied and snowboarded before, there were a handful of participants that skied for the first time at the event.

“We had some first timers, and they ended up signing up for lessons at the resort." Aleks said.

Group photo at the Restaurant

Alpine Valley Resort had a great assortment of slopes for skiers with different skill levels, according to Josh Wrobel, Systems Engineer.

“There were about six different lifts. Depending on which one you went up, there was a variety of terrain that you could ski on. Some of it was better suited for beginners, while other paths were more advanced," Josh said. "There were a few terrain parks where people were doing tricks. Some of the harder paths were more fun for me because they were longer, but I didn’t have too much of a preference. Going with friends made it really fun!”

Chicago DMCers Posing on the slopes

Selfie Time!

A particular moment of the day stood out for Josh.

“I got stuck on a chairlift for about 25 minutes with a few other DMCers. That was pretty memorable!”

Group Photo on the Slopes

Da WiSKIson CheeSKIson was a successful event that many hope will make a comeback next year.

“I think overall it’s just a fun trip and would be happy to do it again next year!” Josh said. 

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