Welcome Par-Tee at TopGolf

Welcome Par-Tee at TopGolf

DMC has an awesome tradition of throwing a welcome party for each new hire. This is a great opportunity to meet your coworkers and practice the DMC core value of “Have Fun”!

Michal Gumulak and I decided to have our welcome party at TopGolf. We rented out three bays for a couple hours and had an excellent time eating, drinking, and swinging the clubs.

In my bay, we played a game mode where you had to hit progressively further away targets. The winning score was over 200, and while a few DMCers had negative scores everybody had a great time. Between hits, we enjoyed the buffet of chicken wings (DMC Denver likes spicy food) and fill-your-own donut holes (because prefilled donuts are too easy).

Overall, it was a great opportunity to socialize with my new coworkers and be welcomed into DMC. I cannot wait for more events like this in the future!


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