Employee Spotlight: Kristie Simon

Employee Spotlight: Kristie Simon

DMC Employee Spotlight is a new feature for our company newsletter.  Each month we will take a closer look at a different employee to learn more about the members who make up Team DMC.

Kristie Simon, Project Engineer

Can you tell me about one of the most interesting projects you’ve worked on at DMC?

I spent 6 ½ months in China helping develop a new facility for a major manufacturer.  It was really interesting to be involved on such a large scale project and watch it evolve over time.  Aside from programming the facility, we were involved in projects spanning hardware issues to training engineers. 

I’ve noticed there are not many female engineers, what made you want to study engineering?

Probably my first controls class in college.  I originally studied math, but as the material became more theoretical I wanted more hands-on problem solving experience with real world applicability.
What do you like best about working at DMC?

Definitely the scope of projects and industries we work with.  Projects vary all the time, and we are surrounded by incredibly smart co-workers who are always willing to help.  DMC is a team atmosphere and we are always learning from our co-workers.

Do you have any engineering hobbies?

My hobbies tend to be more athletic, like playing soccer.  I also enjoy scrapbooking and traveling.

Where are some of your favorite travel destinations?

I loved Argentina, which I visited about a year ago.  Also, Thailand, Malaysia, and the countryside just outside of Rome, which I explored while traveling there for a friend’s wedding.

Do you have any favorite spots in Chicago?

I play soccer in Lincoln Park, so I really enjoy being outside there.  There is a great view of the lake, so it’s also a wonderful place for running.

Any advice for aspiring engineers, especially women?

Confidence is key!

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