Jimmy's iO Welcome Party

Jimmy's iO Welcome Party

I started at DMC two months ago and it has been a very busy two months. Since joining DMC I’ve been focused on one large project, but the project is divided up into many distinct sections and I have been involved in nearly every one the sections. I have been creating user interfaces, the control logic, hardware addressing, and what seems like a million other things. I enjoy being busy and DMC has more than enough work to keep me busy.

While DMC keeps everyone active in the office, DMC also can keep everyone engaged outside of the office. For example, there is the activity fund, participating in different athletic events (like the upcoming Shamrock Shuffle), and welcome parties. All new DMC employees receive a welcome party and for mine I chose to go to see an improv show at iO Chicago. I’d been to iO Chicago a few times before, but the wonderful thing about improv shows is that they are never the same. The show we saw was “The Harold,” which is IO's signature show. A lot of their shows have a specific focus, some will focus on Shakespeare or on recent news articles, but “The Harold” just starts with an audience suggestion and then spirals out from there. I’m not quite sure how the group got from the audience suggestion of “fuzzy slippers” to depressed monsters hiding in a little girl’s closet, but we were laughing as they improvised their way between the two.

Going out to iO Chicago was a lot of fun and a good time outside the office contributes to DC's fantastic work culture and makes work a happier place to be. I had already felt welcomed into the DMC culture, but having a welcome party is pretty nice frosting on an already awesome cake.


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