Bastille Day 2010

Bastille Day 2010

Ok, we really knew about this from the the Shamrock Shuffle earlier this year, but Johnathan Sullivan is now, without any ambiguity, proclaimed:

"World's Fastest Engineer

who works at DMC"

I enjoyed being in that esteemed position for a short period (although my standing had one more modifier - see here).

Team DMC had a fantastic showing in the Chicago Bastille Day 5K, held in Lincoln Park on July 7th. Our team came in third place out of 26 registered teams (and a total field of over 2000), with an average race time of 21:52 for our top 5 finishers. If Jesse Batsche had not had such a poor showing or if Eric Nielsen's time were registered, we would have certainly been in second place!

Team DMC Individual results:

Team DMC 2010 Bastille Day Results
  Runner Time Pace
1 Johnathan Sullivan 18:01 5:49
2 Jody Koplo 20:39 6:40
3 Eric Nielsen 21:34 6:58
4 Cesar Pena 22:31 7:16
5 Danny Budzinski 23:59 7:45
6 Matt Puskala 24:36 7:56
7 Frank Riordan 25:11 8:08
8 Jessica Milinaric 27:08 8:44
9 Jesse Batsche* 33:17 10:45

* Ken Brey pinch-ran for Jesse since Jesse was in Michigan at race time

Of very interesting note in this race is how well the team from Instep Software performed. It's just too bad that we didn't have a wager with them on this one, because, depending on how much I spotted them, I'd probably owe my friend John Kalanik a steak dinner now.

Also of note is that Cesar Pena, who I had soundly beat by 1000 milliseconds in the Shamrock Shuffle, managed to outrun me in this race by 0.044 hours.


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