First Impressions

First Impressions

This week marked the end of my first three months here at DMC. And they've been busy months. Every project I've worked on has involved a technology that, prior to joining DMC, I'd never worked with before. So there has been a lot of learning on the fly as I've been ramping up. Fortunately, we have an incredibly collaborative atmosphere here at DMC. And I've quickly learned that if I run across something that I haven't seen before, someone else in the office has and is more than willing to get me up to speed.

Along with passing the three month milestone, we're also in the process of interviewing some really impressive candidates to join us here at DMC. Speaking with a few of them in the past weeks and hearing them discuss what interests them about DMC has caused me to reflect on my own experience of interviewing here. What interested me in DMC? What were my initial impressions? And what did I expect working here would be like?
As far as my interest, there were several things I was searching for that I found in DMC. I've always loved staying busy, juggling several tasks at once and constantly moving from one thing to the next. In college, that meant juggling being an engineering student, working as an athletic trainer for the Notre Dame football team, being involved in clubs, and volunteering time in the community. In graduate school, that meant working on exciting research projects in addition to my own work, teaching, volunteering, taking classes, climbing and backpacking. Now at DMC, that means constantly working on new exciting projects. As soon as one is finished, something completely different could be coming across my desk.
I was also looking for a chance to work with and learn new technology. In my three months here I've been in continuous learning mode. I've become a Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer while designing multiple station industrial testing systems, programmed motion controllers, worked with multiple types of PLCs, built a battery management system test stand, and tested PC interface tools for variable frequency drives. I've had opportunities to work on-site at customer’s facilities and collaborate remotely with clients thousands of miles away. And sadly, none of my actual 'work' experience prior to joining DMC has been very applicable. 
But most importantly, I was looking to work in an environment that I enjoyed being in with people I liked. From my first interview with DMC, I felt like I would fit in here. And after three months, I still feel the same. Culture is a big part of DMC. Everyone who interviews here is smart and talented - you have to be to even get into the process. But everyone who works here fits in with the company culture. We have an active office, a fun office, and an interesting office. Everyone has their own particular flavor of geek or nerd. Everyone enjoys working collaboratively and everyone honestly enjoys what they do. And everyone has a full life outside of work. From our company sand volleyball team, to Whirlyball games, to concerts and happy hours, we're pretty quick to get together after work.
So, how has DMC stacked up against my expectations? It's been exactly what I was looking for. Hopefully a few of the great candidates we're interviewing will feel the same way.


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