DMC's Logo Evolves

DMC's Logo Evolves

As part of our first FedEX day, DMC unveiled an exciting new logo and tagline!  Check it out below, as we reflect on past designs and the evolution of DMC.

1996 - 1998
This logo came from a business card software program, and it took about 2 minutes to select and design the card.  Note that we started off with company name “Dynamic Motion Control” because, when I started the company, I had an expertise in multi-axis motion control systems (and not much else)

1998 - 2003
By this time, we had broadened our horizons and “rebranded” ourselves to the, basically meaningless, DMC.  We added the tagline “Control Engineering Solutions” to define what we did.  We quickly got used to people, in their attempt at cleverness, asking if we ever thought about calling ourselves “Run DMC.”  I used to think the logo was reminiscent of Delorean Motor Company’s logo – in retrospect, not so much.

2003 - 2011
Our service offerings definitely had expanded by this point, and we had at least two different, equally generic, taglines during the “dots” era:



Expert Engineering & Software Services. 

Both taglines only meaningful for someone who already knows what we do, and, even then, only marginally so.


Our latest and greatest!  The biggest struggle we had was with our tagline.  We realized our offerings were broad enough that we either were going to have a tagline that said nothing about our solutions or that pigeon-holed us into one area of technology,  excluding 90%+ of everything else we do. 

So, we decided to focus on the defining characteristics that people use to describe us – Smart & Experts.  There seems to be a certain degree of profoundness to the simplicity, or maybe the other way around.  Anyhow, we were then looking for a logo that has a meaning aligned with our core values, works well with our tagline and also in a lot of different applications (who doesn’t want a branded DMC stress ball?). 

So, what's the meaning?  Although admittedly a little abstract, here we go:

The logo represents an organized group of people (sitting in a circle), working and converging on a common goal (arrows pointed towards the center), who bring different expertise/perspectives to the problems they approach.

Or maybe it just looks cool.  We really like the results and hope you do as well.



# Jon

When I read the headline for this, I thought to myself, "Maybe I'll finally understand just wtf my old college roommate actually does for a living....". Fail. Oh, and either there's a typo in the 1998-2003 summary, or the logo you posted next to it is erroneous. Control or Controls? Statics or Statistics? Very Al Zay-like....

You're welcome,

JB (Devastating Mic Controller)

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